Charu Nivedita is a post-modern, transgressive Tamil writer, based in Chennai, India. He is the first to write Auto-fiction in India. His magnum opus Zero Degree was longlisted for the 2013 edition of Jan Michalski Prize for Literature. He thus says about his oeuvre: “I convert my schizoid (state) into an art.” He is inspired by Marquis de Sade and Andal.

Charu Nivedita is known for his racy style of writing and his ability to write on untouched topics with ease. His first novel is ‘Existentialismum Fancy Baniyanum’. It was about how a young man overcomes the angst of his life through his writings. The emergency regime which affected the Indian life in the seventies and the lives of a few friends which were sacrificed in the Naxalite movement and the French existential thought were the key factors which made him to write this novel.

His next novel, his Magnum Opus Zero degree[60] is considered to be one of the best in transgressive fiction, as it completely transformed what is termed as taboo.

His next novel Raasa Leela proved to be a satire on governmental red tape-ism and the nuances of the novel successfully portray pragmatically the cry of a man lost amidst the numerous, colossal walls and pillars of the labyrinth that the system has created, his agony and his thirst to break the shackles.

He wrote his next novel Kaamarooba Kadhaigal as an internet novel. He says thus about the novel:”Lust is a celebration; at the same time, it’s a hell where cruel dreams are executed. This is the first time conflicting thoughts emerged in my works. There cannot be any sort of parody towards such thoughts, as it is not possible to do so when these thoughts emerge from the man-woman relationship which becomes more psychological than in any other context. I can say, this is the continuation of the Greek pathos plays created 2500 years ago. In my opinion, it appears that this novel talks about the bestiality in a man-woman relationship. We can trace the roots back to the Greek epics and Marquis de Sade’s works. Euripides’ Medea’s blood-chilling ululation can be very well sensed in the near end of this novel.”

He also adds, “While writing this novel, there was a crowd of young, beautiful women around me. But I experienced loneliness and emptiness to the core. On the contrary, in spite of living like a recluse currently, I do not experience emptiness now. The philistine crowd can never enter the world of a creator. They are like shells and bones without life inside them. Loneliness and other such feelings are absolutely impossible in the life of a man who traces his roots back to the numerous artists the world has seen so far. It is at this point that my autobiographical writing differs from my life, however similar they both may be. What the protagonist Perumal attains in this novel, is bitterness and when he is able to overcome the bitterness through his writing, he attains the state of bliss.”

He has written numerous articles on various topics such as politics, literature, music, cinema, post-modernism, general human beliefs and many more. His essays, articles and novels have the satirical parody towards being a goat in the herd, and they convey the message of humanism, peace and harmony, as an ultimate goal in life.

He is a social activist too, having participated in various movements and protests against the governmental oppression in the neighboring state Kerala where his writings are more popular than his native Tamil Nadu state and has represented the people in doing so.

He currently writes a column on Latin American Cinema in Pesaamoli; a Q & A column in Andhimazhai; a column in Puthiya Thalaimurai. His latest novel is New Exile (Tamil). He is working on his next novel Srivilliputhur and Judas, a novella.

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