From Times of India, 24.8.16:

Writer Charu Nivedita sees more practical underpinnings to the situation. He says the lack of recognition for a writer in Tamil society is the reason for their wasting away their lives while still young.

“Writers don’t get the money or recognition for their work. When they see that there is no recognition for what they do, they get depressed and take up habits like drinking,” he says.

As someone who has been consistently vocal about how writers and poets are neglected in society , Charu Nivedita says: “The writer doesn’t exist in Tamil society.”

“A friend who joined a political party said that he did not get any recognition even after writing for long, so he took up politics. Look at the extent to which writers get demoralised. Either they drink themselves to death or they join mainstream cinema or politics and become morally corrupt,” he says.