From Deccan Chronicle, January 9, 2017:

However, the bigger debate here is on why these writers move back to print media,  when they have established themselves online. Charu Nivedita, one of the prominent writers, reasons, “Though they have thousands of followers online, printed books always have a sort of glamour which makes them shift to the conventional medium. Call it superstitious belief, these online writers feel publishing a book makes them proper writers! Maybe after 100 years, when there is a paperless society, a complete shift might happen.”

He adds, “I published my book, Morgue Keeper, a short story collection, online. I now regret the decision because it has not been recognised by anyone. If it had come as a hard copy it would have been read. So, even in the technology-driven world, online books are not taken into account like the printed ones. That’s the reason writers still go after print.”

But do these writers attract new readers or are the buyers of their books only their online followers? Charu asserts, “Unfortunately, the readership becomes stagnant. Conventional readers clearly don’t read these books, and this new trend is only running parallel and separately. The fault also lies with the writers because they produce only flash fiction and lack in-depth reading and effort.”